Medieval Times

This is a monthly held medieval themed tournament, sponsored by the Immortal Lords. We will attempt to recreate a medieval tournament of knights, archers, warriors and wizards. There will be no stealing, no magical items, no healing or potions allowed in any given event. You can eat food. You will only be permitted to use the equipment/resources provided by us for each competition.


Archery – Bows and arrows will be provided. Archers will duel against each other, at a distance of 10 paces, to the death.

Melee – This is a weapon of choice battle between two warriors. A 1v1 elimination format tournament. Equipment is provided for competitors.

Wizard Duel – Two wizards will face off head to head with only offensive spells and non healing reagents available, to the death.

Jousting – Armor and weapons are provided (must provide your own mount!). Two competitors at a time will run at and passed each other while mounted. You will attempt to hit each other over and over until one falls off their horse or quits. No stopping in the middle. A pole arm weapon must be used. You must wait for the command to charge from the event host before every charge.

Pageant – A classic beauty pageant. There will be 3 panel judges to decide whom is the fairest in all the land, both men and women can participate.



Dates and times to be announced. Events will take place on different days with plenty of notice.

Prizes will vary for each competition.