Our ranking structure is based upon the specific path you choose to take, as such please choose the path you wish based on the options presented to you below.



The path towards Knighthood is a long and often arduous process. Knighthood training began in early childhood when a basic education and good manners, along with rules of etiquette were taught at the home.


From the age of seven to fourteen these boys were given the role of a Page. Collecting various supplies and accepting tasks befitting a page were expected in order to progress.


From fourteen to twenty-one these ‘apprentice knights’ were referred to as Squires . The different types and styles of Knighthood training depends on the experience and skill of the apprentice knights. Knighthood training at this stage is focused on weapon practice which include enhancing skills in horsemanship, swordsmanship, macing and fencing.


One becomes a Knight by leading a virtuous life, going on a successful quest and being knighted by a Lord or Lady as a result, in this case you can only be knighted by Sir Eric Kain.