About IL

Who we are.

We are a group of like-minded individuals who have come together to enhance your UOSA experience through organized PvP, and PvP action. We have adopted a feudalism system of government, much like how you would have experienced had you lived during the middle ages.

What we do.

We aim to provide players with a comfortable and friendly atmosphere where they can train their skills and venture out into the world of Ultima Online Second Age with fellow players. We do it all! From group Coop to PvP.  There is never a dull moment with IL!

Oh yea! We also kill those L33t speaking GG hally wielding ruffians!

How can you contact us?

Leave a application on this site, or feel free to PM me in forums under SirEricKain.

When we are most active?

You can mostly find us active on weekday evenings, we are a PST time zone guild.

Why we do it?

We are a group of Men and Women committed to bringing a unique experience to your Utlime Online Second Age gaming experience. We are just like you, we want friends, fortune and fame! Roaming alone can be dangerous and for lack of a better word, down right boring. We have banded together, sworn to ensure your safety, and fun!